It only takes a night


In one London night, four girlfriends will have their hearts broken and mended again. Before the sun rises, they will drink, dance, make love and end up in the hospital….as all life-changing nights tend to go. Ruby can’t seem to shake her ex who continues to show up through the night…with a new girl nonetheless. Emma is keeping a secret from them all, Nina has a huge announcement that no one seems to care about and Sophie, well, Sophie just needs to meet somebody, anybody. Throughout the night the four friends cross paths with three guys: One Australian, one Spanish and a flamboyant Swedish waiter who certainly makes the night more interesting.



Josh Horneman
Tracie Clark
Clement Dunn


Callan Durlik 


Callan Durlik
Eliza Taylor
Arielle Carver-O’Neill
‘Ana Ika
Sana’a Shaik
George Pullar